The intention of Tribe Design Facilitator training is to support you in learning the tools to facilitate a group of people in connecting better through practices in radical authenticity, self-acceptance through self-expression and group flow state. You will attend two Tribe Design events and engage in the activities listed below with the goal of becoming equipped to facilitate/co-facilitate an official workshop or group experience at a Tribe Design event. The extent to which you are invited to facilitate will be decided by Tribe Design faculty.

As a participant in Tribe Design Facilitator Training, you will receive:

  • Attendance to two Tribe Design events

  • Attendance to a one-day immersion experience for Tribe Design Facilitator Trainees following two Tribe Design events

  • Four in-depth, personal, virtual training sessions with Tribe Design faculty

  • Four weekly mastermind calls with Tribe Design faculty and fellow trainees

  • Access to daily use of a private Tribal Council group via the Breaking Normal app

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Who is this for?

This training is for those who are ready to be supported in realizing their full potential as a leader and facilitator. It is designed to bring out your unique gifts and amplify them. By plugging in to this group of creatives, growth is accelerated and hidden skills are discovered. If you are ready to break out of your comfort zone, move beyond mind-made limitations, and step confidently into your power, then this is for you.

What is it?

The virtual portion of this training is one month long and includes 8 calls with your peers and Tribe Design faculty, and the in-person immersion includes two International Tribe Design events with an extra bonus day. The virtual training is meant to prepare you for your first Tribe Design experience. On these team calls we practice participating and facilitating some FUNcomfortable exercises. The individual calls are more of a focused coaching session where you get to discover and work through possible obstacles. At the event we are all participants AND you get to be present for the faculty meetings that occur throughout the experience. This provides insight on how these events flow and how the facilitators intuitively choose the exercises that we do.

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Why do we do it?

Our intention is to support you in your growth and help create a ripple effect that leaves a positive impact. In today’s day and age some people have experienced feelings of disconnection and isolation. The solution for that is authentic human connection. Our intention is to upgrade the individuals, and the collective will follow.  Our goal is to not only create a connected tribe at the events, it is to empower each attendee with the tools to facilitate connection in their everyday lives. Join us on the front-lines of this cultural revolution!

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