Magically Connective Social Experiences

Months after what many imagined was Tribe Design's final event in Maui, it's founders spontaneously reunited to team up with Tribe Design pioneers the Mystic Misfits in the Redwoods of Santa Cruz, California. Converging at a new, innovative, luxury campus called 1440 Multiversity, they created Mystic Misfit Multiversity, a radical education for the new world featuring workshops on the power of polarity, dynamic mediation, radical authenticity, dreamwalking, conscious sexuality, and musical freestyle. At this event, Tribe Design was rebirthed.


The return of Tribe Design to Hawaii for the first time since New Years Evolution Fest in Kauai was and epic and abundant celebration. With the leaders and pioneers of Tribe Design leaning into their individuality and succeeding epically, the future of Tribe Design was becoming more and more uncertain. One thing however, was clear - the Tribe Design team was committed to this being their greatest event to date. The wildly creative, playful, blissful group that would become the 'Lumeria Tribe' danced their way through breakthrough after breakthrough all the way to the top of Haleakala.  


Tribe Design V was a radical experiment in authentic communication. Nestled in a glamping village outside the miraculous Glacier National Park in Montana where forest fires burned, bears roamed and icy-cold waterfalls surged, the 'Chillionaire Tribe' was perhaps the most dynamic of all Tribe Design families. Intense polarity, love and friction were in the air, catalyzing this Tribe to become a true example for how to team-up beyond agreement. JP Sears proposed to Amber Zuckswert (after originally meeting at Tribe Design in Costa Rica), baby Divina attended her first Tribe Design and the Chillionaires snugged, sang, played improv and storytold into the night.


The eco-preneur, influencer stacked 'Pura Vida Tribe' of Costa Rica gathered on an incredible, self-sufficient, off-the-grid, hidden gem oasis on the southern shore of Lake Arenal near the majestic Arenal Volcano. As a tribe, they enjoyed farm-to-table food, rainforest hikes, a late-night hot spring soak and magical moments of heart-centred Tribal Council. They re-defined what it means to Tribe Design and proved that it only gets better. Tribe Design also had its first proposal, was anticipating the arrival of Daniel and Diana's first-born and connected the now married power couple, JP and Amber Sears.


Surrounded by 125 acres of pristine wilderness and 1 mile of waterfront on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada, the Sunshine Tribe embraced endless night skies, panoramic views of ocean and mountains, magical fireside musical jam sessions, dynamic meditation and an unparalleled supernatural synergy and raw connection. They are still creating memories together around the world. This was Elliott Hulse and Benji Travis's first Tribe Design experience and the beginning of a powerful alliance between Tribe Design and The Mystic Misfits.


Riding the wave of momentum of this exciting new movement, Tribe Design travelled to Byron Bay, Australia to host their second groundbreaking event with lifestyle designers, evolutionaries and seekers from down under. 'The Most Spiritual Place on Earth' Byron Bay was buzzing with magic, mysticism, adventure and synchronicity for this tribe who forever won back paradise. 


On the Garden Island of Kauai, perhaps the world's most fertile land, Tribe Design was born. Nearly one-hundred heart-centred creators gathered as the "Makanalani Tribe" to co-create the first official, paradigm-pushing New Years Evolution Fest. Participants included JP Sears, Dustin Thomas, Tubby Love and American Ninja Warriors Travis Brewer, Nicholas Coolridge and Jessie Graff. Partnering together in powerful ways, they demonstrated what is possible when today's most knowledgable and skillful lifestyle designers and thought leaders engage in tribe synergizing playshops, adventures and conversations.